Welcome to The Islands, Mate, good luck and may the gods protect ye while ye be here. They be about the only ones who can…

“Funny, isn’t it, how the reckless desires of one man can destroy the lives of thousands, nay, tens of thousands, if not more. Not that it was intentional, mind, but then, I don’t think anyone ever wakes up thinking ‘I want to devastate millions of men, women, and children today.’ I mean, s’kind of a pointless pursuit in and of itself, don’t you think? Even the most vile of demi-liches doesn’t intentionally seek out the harm of the masses, if they killed everyone, afterall, who would bow down and worship them? See? Counterproductive. Anyway.

My story takes place on the high seas of the Simmisia Archipelago, West of Red Wyrm Mountain, North of The Morose Jungle, and South-East of Bakuula Taraaka. A chain of Islands there had been in all sorts of political turmoil for longer than even it’s eldest inhabitant had been drawing breath. For starters, the indigenous tribes of The Darfellan, who’d been accustomed to warring with The Sahuagin in the area, were magnificently powerful and beautiful creatures, but they were different, so naturally humanity sought to enslave them, or destroy them, or some combination of both. Turns out that it was the common hatred of both Human and Darfellan kind for The Sahuagin that saved the impressively built ‘whale-folk’. The Aquatic Elves of the area were none too happy about humanity’s presence either. Let’s face it, folks, we’re an industrious race who likes to move about consuming natural resources and pillaging the planet of it’s natural wealth, and most other races detest us for that reason. I’m human just like you, so I don’t like it either, but truth is truth, mate.

Anyway, so, from a young age, my path was set for me. Freedom, liberty, happiness, everything I’d been raised (up to that point anyway) to believe I had the power to achieve for myself was taken. My path to happiness lost in the wake of gunfire and blood, and there was no legality to it happening, there was no proper reason for it, there was no explanation for it. They were just killed, by the ones who’d vowed to protect them. So my path was chosen for me. My path began with gunfire and blood, and so it only seemed fitting to me that it end that way as well. And so I poured my heart and soul into plotting my revenge. I, the good child, was crafted into the sort of monster that one day parents will warn their children about to make them sleep and do their chores. Heh, and for what? Over a secret, one that someone didn’t want known, well, heh, of course right? Like, what other kind of secret is there? Except most secrets aint worth killin’ over. My entire life was destroyed by this secret, and it was kept secret even from me. That wasn’t good enough.

So I designed a ship. One that would surpass the capabilities of every other ship available. I wanted a ship that would not only sail me into the concourses of history and glory, but one that would leave a wake in this world so magnificent and powerful that none other could rival it. I called her The Mighty Gun Ship Gunbluster, and this is her story…”


Set in a fantasy island chain ruled by a loose collective of ‘free cities’ who struggle vigilantly to retain their freedom from The Empire, you’ll find yourself immersed in all sorts of action and adventure in a setting where horses, carts, carriages, and other mounts and vehicles are rendered fairly useless… unless they can swim or fly. Just about everyone here is a sailor of some sort or another. The question is, what kind of sailor are you?

  • Pirate: Oh the glorified terrorists of the seas themselves. Pirates are commonplace in these lawless waters. So much so, in fact, that they’re more the rule than the exception and usually, when a pirate pirates another ship, they pirated from another pirate… yup. That’s about how it works here.
  • Treasure Hunter: These guys are really just pirates who have a strong distaste for killing people and sinking ships. These guys go looking for treasure via maps, shovels, dungeon crawling, ship raising, and all other manner of more peaceful looting and plundering. Most pirates claim this as their profession, even if it’s not entirely true.
  • Fisherman: Despite it’s gender connotation, this term is unisex. These are the guys who take a small ship, usually a Longship or a Caravel, out to sea, cast their nets and lines, haul up the catch, and take it back home for a profit. This, of course, is a drastic over-simplification of the process, but it’s enough to give you an idea.
  • Leisurely Sailors: A pirate’s proverbial gold mine, these high rolling well-to-dos travel the seas for sport and fun in high dollar ships that are generally understaffed, and brimming with the luxuries, furnishings, and cargo of the wealthy. Given the reputation of the islands, these vessels aren’t seen too terribly often anymore.
  • Navy: You have two actual organized governments who have taken footholds in the islands. The first and least liked is The Empire. Their fortress, lovingly nicknamed ‘Strangelehold Keep’, is located on Bluewater Isle on the southwest corner of the island chain. Opposite them in the North East, on the Island of Sanctuary, rests ‘The Naval Order of Crystalis’ or T-NOC for short. They’re a collective of sea-dwelling monks who’ve vowed to make the islands as safe as they can for all, without imposing unwanted governmental control. They’re found to be annoying most of the time, but because they oppose The Empire’s attempts to overtake the islands, the free cities tolerate them.

So who are you going to be? What legacy will you leave behind in the islands? What treasures will you unearth and/or capture? What bard songs and tales will they tell of you when you’re dead and gone? There’s plenty of all of that to be had and more… far, far more.

So grab your tricorne hat, your flintlock pistol and your cutlass and prepare to make sail! The Gunbluster leaves port at dawn’s first light.

“Let the sails run full as the wind pleases, mates! We’re off to see what the salty queen ’as in store fer us all!” -Captain Jesse Gunsteel ‘The MGS Gunbluster’

Chronicles of The Gunbluster